In my deepest and humble opinion, the two candidates i.e. Bro Herbert & Deddy are of the great men. In fact Bro Herbert was one of my fave brother when I was in the high school. While Deddy, no two doubt about it, he has achieved what other people want to achieve at his age. He is a Director of his own company, has his own vision and work towards that and well, he is a father of 2 kids. Brother Herbert on the other hand, he is at least to my own perception a man of his word. He has his own wisdom and target of life and indeed work toward that. In fact, as a leader, the quality of being a ‘Man of his word’ is really a DISTINCT quality.

That’s why Ls & Gs, I personally support this two candidate and do hope you all will support them as well.

From the deepest opinion of ex-Ikastara65 2nd President, Singapore.