In the era of good leaders appear to have a great leadership postures, capabilities, and influence but never able keep what they promised and end up with No Action Talk Only leader, we found some one that has achieved a lot in his life in his early age. Deddi Nordiawan, a carrying and responsible father to his family, a motivating CEO (to his company), a patient lecturer, a good listening and supportive brother, an exemplary leader with ability to strive through and bring the visions in his life into reality, a person who can execute, the one walk the walk and walk the talk.

Every one of us hits the reality, the truth of life, in which we really have to work hard to survive. And, I have seen Deddi is not only surviving that. He excels in every step that he took. He managed to build a company from scratch. He managed to build a relationship from scratch, until now I, personally, think that I have seen a role model for how a family should be. He is one of the most respected lecturers now in his campus. He is still one of the most trustworthy and resourceful public sector accounting experts, that not even Indonesian government trust, but also even the foreigners.

I have learned that a great leader must be creative, resourceful, has wisdom, and hardworking. The hardworking part is what makes a difference between a good leader and a great leader. And, I never have a single doubt that Deddi will give his 110% to walk the walk and walk the talk.

Good Luck, Bro. Vote Herbert-Deddi

Maruly Fadila – TN6
(Adik Ipar Deddi Nordiawan)